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CorrosionX Products for Corrosion Protection

CorrosionX is the best long term corrosion protectant available in the market for unpainted metal or steel surfaces, electronics and electrical connectors.
Kills existing rust and corrosion. Simply spray on tools, machinery, marine fittings, electrical connectors.
Proven and certified to outperform and outlast traditional solvent-based sprays such as WD-40.

Stops Corrosion      Lubricates        Penetrates      Safe on Electronics

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Corroseal is specially formulated for use in harsh marine industry and coastal environments. Corroseal® is water based and environmentally friendly.
No need to sandblast, grind or use acid to remove existing rust. Apply Corroseal onto existing rust surfaces and watch the rust chemically convert to an inert material, primed and ready for final topcoat paint.

Reduces Labor Costs

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Frequently Asked Questions On Corrosion Control & Painting Over Rust

Key Benefits of our Products

  • Industrial grade products: more effective and lasts longer than retail consumer product alternatives
  • Proven in the global marketplace across all industries
  • Reduce your maintenance costs up to 50% and double the lifetime of components before replacement due to corrosion
  • Supported by Panama-based factory trained engineers to assure the right solution for your unique corrosion problem

Users of Our Products In Panama & Around the World

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