We Answer Your Top CorrosionX Questions

//We Answer Your Top CorrosionX Questions

We Answer Your Top CorrosionX Questions

Is CorrosionX like WD 40 or CRC ?

CX is a far better lubricant, a faster penetrant and offers longevity in rust protection. Fully sufficient at a 1 micron thick coating. 1 ltr coats 1000 sqft or 94 sqmtr. It can be applied over wet and already corroded metals.

CX is non-flammable ( except the LPG driving the aerosol versions) It is safe to 39.000 volt, hence a leading compound to stop electrolysis and galvanic damage. Copes with Sulphur, Methane and salt. CX will not harm rubber, neoprene, insulation, any plastics or glass . It will waterproof and improve exposed electrics/electronics. It has unlimited life and will not evaporate or dry out. Paraffin based.

Will CorrosionX be good to my air tools ?

With a lubrication factor of 0,4 it is 3 times more slippery than engine oil. It will clean the gunk from the filters and provide full rust protection at the same time. RPM’s typically go up by 10% after a few drips of CX into the airline.

Can I paint over CorrosionX ?

No, it must be removed which isn’t easy because of the “polar bonding”. Good solvents like Xtreme Clean, Acetone,
Wax and Grease remover or “steam jenny” (if a large area is involved) are required.

Will CorrosionX remove rust?

CX is not a rust remover but it will facilitate its removal. CX softens rust which can then be removed with a plastic scouring pad. CX is actually better then rust removers which can be very harsh. If you do use a rust remover, protect the surface immediately afterwards with CX.

Does CorrosionX leave a sticky residue?

Just slightly oily. Perfect for tools, dies, sawblades and CNC machines. CX HD film is more like very light grease.

Are there any harmful ingredients in CorrosionX ?

CX is approved as Class C 11, same as Lanolin. Food safe.

When do I use CorrosionX versus CorrosionX Heavy Duty ?

Use CX HD to protect from direct exposure to the elements, like salt spray, or occasional submersion. Use either CX or HD to stop electrolysis in engineering. Use HD to assemble parts, bolts, chain drives and hinges.

Is CorrosionX good for use outdoors ?

CX is great for outdoor applications also on electrics and electronics. Superb lubricant on bearings, hinges and levers.
CX Heavy Duty will last longer on exposed items like scaffolding, trailer springs, HIAB controls and cranes

How does CorrosionX compare with wax coatings or DENSO Tape?

Hard coatings and tapes can create problems by covering up the abuse and holding moisture underneath. CX is superfast to spray on, then penetrates into hydr. fittings, lever systems and electrical installations.

Can I use CorrosionX on circuit boards?

Circuit boards are a great place to apply CX. If they are corroded or have moisture causing problems, CX usually restores them. The same goes for com radios, VHF’s, deck switches and trailer equipment.


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