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Paddle Panama / Urshen S.A.
Mike Young
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+507 -6618-7761

Specialists is marine and industrial applications.


Marjon Mos
Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon

For Industrial, Commercial or Marine Applications Support

Corrosion Technologies Product List Prices

Corrosion protection fluids, surface protectants and specialty cleaners for marine and aircraft

Product DescriptionList Price
CorrosionX, 6 oz aerosol spray$12.95
CorrosionX, 16 oz aerosol spray$25.50
CorrosionX, 16 oz liquid pump$25.50
CorrosionX, 1 gallon bulk$140.50
CorrosionX, 5 gallon pailSpecial Order
CorrosionX HD, 12 oz aerosol spray$22.50
CorrosionX HD 1 gallon bulk$148.80
CorrosionX HD, 5 gallon pail Special Order
Product DescriptionList Price
ReelX, 1 oz applicator$9.45
Max Wax 12 oz aerosol$21.99
CorrosionX Grease, 15 oz tube$13.95
ProWash, 1 gallon bulk$37.50
Xtreme Clean, 16 oz trigger spray$14.90
RejeX, 16 oz Liquid Bottle$29.95
Xhaust & Soot Remover, 1 gallon$25.94
Cold Fogger399

Corroseal Rust Convertor List Prices

Converts rust and primes in one step

Product DescriptionList Price
Corroseal Rust Inhibitor Paint, 1 qt$29.95
Corroseal Rust Inhibitor Paint, 1 Gallon$79.50
Product DescriptionList Price
Corroseal Rust Inhibitor Paint, 5 Gallon$391.00
Corroseal Rust Inhibitor Paint, 55 GallonSpecial Order

Concrobium Mold Control and Moisture Control Products Retail Prices

Kills mold and prevents future growth with no harsh chemicals

Product DescriptionList Price
Concrobium Mold Control, 32 oz Spray$13.99
Concrobium Mold Control, 1 gal$47.99
Concrobium Mold Control, 5 Gal$194.99
Product DescriptionList Price
Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser, 22.9 oz/ 650gm$19.90
Concrobium® Moisture Grabbers™ 3 count value pack$14.97
ULV Cold Fogger$399.00